Pocketful of Preschool curriculum with fun activities, crafts, and stews. Fun themes such as Dinosaurs, Insects, Pets, Weather, Ocean, Space, etc…  Each theme has simple to more advanced levels from tracing to writing, from uppercase to lowercase, from counting to adding, from sorting to tallying, and from letter recognition to letter sounds, syllables & rhyming. We work on a new letter and number every week and we learn to write our own names. Here is a sample of some of our curriculum activities.

Science Center

Hands on learning with a new theme each month. We measure, weigh, compare, experiment, and learn new words. Some of the themes include Butterflies & Insects, Space, Plants, My Body & Teeth, Building, etc… 

Sensory Bin

Whether it is finding fossils in the sand, playing in the water, treasure hunting in the rice or beads, or molding in the kinetic sand, there is always something fun in the sensory bin.  Here is a sample of some of our sensory bin activities.

Arts and Crafts

We do lots of fun art activities that correspond to our weekly themes. We use paint, playdough, glue, scissors, crayons, stamping, and lots more. Here is a sample of some of our crafts.

Behavior management

An important part of preschool is learning to get along, using our words, and taking turns. Kind encouragement, positive reinforcement, and gentle reminders are part of my teaching philosophy. When a child is upset, I give them choices of what they would like to do to feel better. The Calm Down Center is a safe place for them to make those choices which includes asking for a hug, taking deep breaths, squeezing something, yoga poses, reading a book, etc..